This is a dharma talk the shares what we mean when we translate Namu Amida Butsu as "come as you are." What does that mean in a contemporary context? ...View Details

Here is a slightly longer version for our podcast followers- regrading moving back to in person meetings.

Excerpt:   At the heart of the teaching of impermanence is conditioned existence but what is conditioned existence? Conditioned existence is the reali...View Details

yearly before our Summer Retreat we review what going for refuge to the three jewels means. In this Talk Christopher Kakuyo talks about taking refuge ...View Details

We use an old Zen story to look at Doing Nothing as skillful action. Excerpt "A young monk is struggling and he goes to his master, telling him he is ...View Details

  Here is a dharma talk from one of the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship's community on Juneteenth,    Enjoy

From Already Broken a Dharma talk given Jan 24th, 2021 at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship.   "Without an intimacy with impermanence, our whole lives...View Details

Excerpt   When I first started to explore and examine this precept, my first inclination was to feel guilt for taking paper clips from work or printin...View Details

Even though the precepts were not directed to the community directly, they are all about community. The precepts are about action and intention.  I ap...View Details

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