From Already Broken a Dharma talk given March 31st, 2019 at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship.   "Without an intimacy with impermanence, our whole liv...View Details

A Dharma talk given By Christopher Kakuyo Sensei at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship March 24th, 2019   " On first blush – Impermanence, suffering, a...View Details

From our Right Speech Dharna talk "As humans, we are worded beings – we engage with the world through the abstraction of language. The thing we call “...View Details

an excerpt from a Dharma talk given Jan 27th at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship by Christopher Kakuyo Sensei   " I don’t think that violent images m...View Details

Intimacy with all Things

Dharma talk delivered April 26th, 2019 by Christopher Kakuyo Sensei at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship    Excerpt from Intimacy with All Things,  If...View Details

  "Our aspiration is for awakening but If we decided to wait until we are awakened to help others, what good would that be. Our vows are the vows of o...View Details

Freed From Knowing

"I don’t know" also applies to our practice. When we think we Know with a capital K what mediation is, what Buddhism is, what awakening is, even who w...View Details

What are you carrying?

In this Dharma Talk, Christopher Kakuyo Sensei looks at how we can get stuck in the past and how doing so pulls us away from the ground of being that ...View Details

Hello everyone,   I have gotten behind in my recording schedule and I am working on getting back in the groove.  So here is a guided meditation that I...View Details

Kakuyo Sensei continues this podcast with ideas of the Four Graces of Won Buddhism and looking how Naikan reflection relates to this grace.    Excerpt...View Details

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