From Already Broken a Dharma talk given Jan 24th, 2021 at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship.   "Without an intimacy with impermanence, our whole lives...View Details

Excerpt   When I first started to explore and examine this precept, my first inclination was to feel guilt for taking paper clips from work or printin...View Details

Even though the precepts were not directed to the community directly, they are all about community. The precepts are about action and intention.  I ap...View Details

What Are You Carrying?

Excerpt from the dharma talk.  

The heaviest burdens we can carry are the burdens of the past- either for something that was done to us or done by us...View Details

Attend to all and each

From the dharma talk,

  "Whatever it is inside of ourselves that we are running from – that is what we attend to because we know we can come as we...View Details

Protective Anger

This is something I have been thinking about in our current environment. With so much polarity in our greater community, we stop listening to one anot...View Details

From the dharma talk   "Many appreciate and value the teachings of the Buddha,  post endless memes with quotes he said and never said, there are some ...View Details

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