Sitting in the Dark

  excerpt from the Dharma talk delivered May 26th in Salt Lake City.   "..that brings to my mind the Mojave desert at night - the Mojave Desert Pres...View Details

excerpt of a talk given on May 12, 2019, in Salt Lake City.   I really love this from Gyomay Kubose Sensei. He was talking to a bright you man who sa...View Details

Loving Kindness

Dharma talk given May 5th in Salt Lake City   Excerpt "Here is something that many are not aware of and I have heard this before but just found this ...View Details

Intimacy with all Things

Dharma talk delivered April 26th, 2019 by Christopher Kakuyo Sensei at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship    Excerpt from Intimacy with All Things, ...View Details

below is an excerpt from Dharma talk given at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship Aril 21st 2019   I want to start from the account of the Buddha’s r...View Details

From Already Broken a Dharma talk given March 31st, 2019 at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship.   "Without an intimacy with impermanence, our whole li...View Details

A Dharma talk given By Christopher Kakuyo Sensei at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship March 24th, 2019   " On first blush – Impermanence, sufferin...View Details

From our Right Speech Dharna talk "As humans, we are worded beings – we engage with the world through the abstraction of language. The thing we call...View Details

an excerpt from a Dharma talk given Jan 27th at the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship by Christopher Kakuyo Sensei   " I don’t think that violent image...View Details

  "Our aspiration is for awakening but If we decided to wait until we are awakened to help others, what good would that be. Our vows are the vows of ...View Details

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