From the dharma talk


"Many appreciate and value the teachings of the Buddha,  post endless memes with quotes he said and never said, there are some who have got out of bad marriages, bad jobs because of something they read or heard on a Buddhist podcast – and all this is the fruit of the teaching. At the same time, going for refuge is more than just an intellectual appreciation of the Buddhas Brains.

Going for refuge is not simply an activity of thinking, of ideas or concepts but the walking of the path of the Buddha. It is an activity of the heart. It is important to note that in Chinese the same character is used to convey “heart” and “mind,” and that the two are seen by the Chinese as one inseparable “heartmind.”

Taking refuge in the dharma can be seen as taking the teachings from the conceptual to the everyday – we take refuge in the dharma in our hearts."

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