What are you carrying?

In this Dharma Talk, Christopher Kakuyo Sensei looks at how we can get stuck in the past and how doing so pulls us away from the ground of being that can only be found in the flow of "Now".


From What are you Carrying,


" My biggest reason for visiting the past was to find the answer to the chant-like question that echoed in my heart and in my head, "Why me?, Why me?"  Why me? is ultimately an unknowable question. Maybe it is the first "koan" we are ever given. In my own experience, wrestling with that questions, caused me to spend so much time in the past that I missed so much of what was in front of me. The flow of Now carried me along regardless and I discovered that when we get stuck in the past we become nothing more than spectators looking backward. Our lives are so much more than that. At the heart of every living thing is its innate suchness, an inherent beingness that can only be found in the flow of Now.  Ultimately everything else is either wake or illusion." 

Christopher Kakuyo Sensei

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