This is not me…

 Over the years we have talked a lot about our stories of self and how these stories are rarely examined, and how our sense of a solid, unchanging self is really a creation of these unexamined stories – today I would like to talk more about this –

As a child I was raised to be a martyr – my mother being Catholic, unconsciously had sewn the book of martyrs deep within her heart and when I came along, into mine also too became my story, a dubious one at best.  Guy Claxton has written, 

 “..consciousness is a mechanism for constructing dubious stories whose purpose is to defend a superfluous and inaccurate sense of self. "

So begins our podcast about our stories of self and our need for introspection, as Haya Akegarasu wrote, to identify which ones are ours and which ones were stolen, borrowed or painted on so we can give them back or scrape them off to touch our true selves.

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