Kakuyo Sensei continues talking about the Path of Gratitude. In this podcast episode, he shares his thoughts on oneness and the Four Graces of Won Buddhism and how we can cultivate our awareness of our absolute interdependence will all things. 


From the podcast

"So understanding the truth of our interdependence our mutual resonance as Soga Ryojin writes, our very being is relational; this is oneness – and our natural response to oneness is an appreciative humility. We become aware of a daily grace – something that is beyond self-power, self-conceit – an inherent gift, something beyond us that is also us. The whole, the one.  These simple insights offer us an invitation to take notice of the grace we receive every day."  - Kakuyo Sensei


Kakuyo Sensei on the Four Graces of Won Buddhism


"Contemplation and practice with each of these graces open us up to the reality of our interdependence or as the Buddha taught Pratītyasamutpāda translated as dependent origination dependent co-arising – and as we reflect on each of these realities, each of these intersections, we begin to cultivate a deep awareness of each of these graces, and by doing so affirming the universal self as our habitual primacy of the small-self begins to dissolve in to the very ground of gratitude."


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