Attend to all and each

From the dharma talk,
"Whatever it is inside of ourselves that we are running from – that is what we attend to because we know we can come as we are. As Jung said, I would rather be whole than good. This is meeting each other in the open field – the pure – land – out beyond good and bad. This is attending to yourself.  This acceptance is the opposite of spiritual bypassing.
When we attend to ourselves and others, we take the journey into all the places we have hidden our suffering, our woundedness from view and bring it as an offering to the Buddhas and ourselves – This is not so much as needing someone to go with you but knowing that someone is there, without judgment, waiting for you to return with open arms.
This acceptance is shown in the moving towards – moving towards wholeness, healing, and awakening.  As Gyomay Kubose sensei has taught Acceptance IS transcendence.
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